Medical Missions

Promotes overall wellness and hope

Global Disaster Relief

Ready to serve when disaster strikes.

CSi realizes the importance of being first responders during the time of global natural disasters.  Our teams are quick to assess the damage, requests further assistance, and alleviates the stress for the victims. CSi has been there for those suffering loss during tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, tidal waves, and typhoons. From offering a shoulder to cry on, to meeting any immediate needs for shelter or supplies, to connecting people with long term recovery services, our volunteers ensure that families don't have to face tough times alone. CSi First Responder Teams not only provide practical hope but bring help to those suffering during catastrophic natural disasters.


Promotes life-long learning. 

Our goal is to go into nations, come alongside our representatives and provide after school programs.  Students will be able to learn computer skills and English as a Second Language. This initiative will create mentoring opportunities between community leaders and students of all ages. Educational services in the form of English as a second language will build stronger communities and family units.  

Humanitarian Aid

Promotes healthy communities.

Humanitarian Aid volunteers work within their communities to provide food, clean water and hygiene education.  CSi looks to provide clean drinking water, with the distribution of portable water filters, and in some cases wells.  Food distributed to those in times of famine and loss. Crops fail due to lack of nourishment leaving people in desperate  need of proper nutrition. CSi promotes education during these times encouraging basic hygiene and showing forms of water sanitation to increase the life quality for many families.  Volunteers carry out 90% of the humanitarian work of Compassion Services International.