Step One: Find your passion.

Responder or Insider?

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  • CSI insider

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Step Two: Follow your passion.

Choose your program.

Find the volunteer opportunity that is the right fit for you. Each adventure has different time commitments and requirements but all offer the opportunity to serve the Kingdom and make the most of your life. New trips and volunteer positions are available as funding is received. Please stay in contact with us, we are expanding daily!

CSi Responders:

CSi Response sends experienced professionals to undertake short-term, high-impact service assignments in communities around the globe. Bring valuable skills and experiences to projects in places where you are needed most.

CSi Insiders:

CSi Insiders gives you the chance to fully integrate into the community where you live and work on projects ranging from community engagement to fundraising.

Step Three: Start Your Application.


To be considered for a trip, an application and three online reference forms must be completed and sent to us. Please note that one of your references must be from your current pastor. The application and reference forms are to be completed and submitted online. If you have any questions concerning the application or the process please email us. Once your application has been submitted you will be contacted by a CSi representative to give trip details, help with trip planning, and will be collecting necessary travel documents. 


An application must be completed and sent to us and a CSi representative will contact you to set up an online interview or phone call. We will discuss all the different needs and jobs we have and place you where you best fit our team. If you have any questions concerning the application or the process please email us. 

Got Questions?

We know that deciding to go on a missions trip is a big deal. It can be overwhelming. CSi wants to make sure that any trip you go on is a life-changing experience, and we are here to answer any questions you might have. 

First, pray and seek God's will. 

Next, talk to your family and pastor. 

Contact us for trip planning guidelines and click the links above to get more information on each trip.