Necessity: motivated and passionate.

Our volunteers range from stay-at-home moms to doctors with Ph. Ds. We are looking for change-makers, unconventional thinkers, and passionate and willing individuals ready to make a global difference in communities worldwide.

Every individual is unique and brings their own skill or passion to the table. Our volunteer opportunities are unprecedented and unique, just like the individuals we work with. Find the volunteer program that best fits you and take the first step towards changing the world with us today.

Step One: Find your passion.

Step Two: Follow your passion.

Step Three: Start your application.



Do I need a college degree? 

Several of our opportunities do not require a degree. As a responder, opportunities are available for individuals with a combination of relative job experience and education. However, some opportunities require a four-year degree or other varied vocational training. Search the Volunteer Openings page for specific requirements. 

Do I need to speak a foreign language as a responder?

Language requirements are not a requirement for volunteering at this time. If we have more technical volunteer opportunities in the future that require such, they will be listed in the trip opening. Search the Volunteer Openings page for specific requirements. 

How do I check the status of my CSi application?

Our team will contact you within two weeks. 

Is there an age limit for serving CSi?

No, there is no upper age limit for CSi service. However, volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years old to serve. Some exceptions may be granted (e.g., if 16-and-older travelers with family).

I want to serve with my spouse. How do we apply?

Couples can serve together but must apply to individual job postings separately.

About Service

Where will I stay during my service trip?

Volunteers will stay in clean, safe, and moderate hotels. We try to ensure that all accommodations have internet access so they can stay in touch with loved ones at home. 

I have dietary restrictions and food allergies. Will this affect my application or CSi service?

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Some nations may require you to bring snacks, as all needed items may not be readily available. 

What if a family emergency occurs while I am serving?

You will be provided with an emergency contact number so your loved ones can reach you in an emergency. The emergency will be evaluated, and options for returning home will be given. 

May my minor children accompany me during my service trip with CSi?

Due to the nature of our trips, we encourage children to stay home, but they will be delighted with all of the pictures and maybe the tiny souvenir you can bring home. 

I don't see any CSi openings that match my skills. What should I do? 

Suppose you are still looking for an opening now that matches your skills. In that case, you should continue to monitor open positions as new opportunities are posted, funding is received, and help is needed. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about featured openings.

What kind of training will I receive as a CSi Response volunteer? 

Upon arrival in your country of service, you will receive a short orientation. Technical and language training is minimal; you are expected to already possess the skills needed to complete your assignment.


Is the applicant's medical evaluation process different for older candidates?

The medical evaluation process is the same regardless of an applicant's age. All applicants undergo a comprehensive medical and dental assessment based on their health history and examinations to determine if their medical needs can be supported in our host countries. 

Medical and Health

I have a specific medical condition. Will it impact my ability to serve or where I am placed? 

It may. CSi volunteers serve around the world in physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging environments where medical resources and local transportation services may vary significantly from those in the U.S. Each applicant's medical history is considered individually to ensure CSi can safely meet their medical needs in their country of service. When you apply, you must fully disclose your medical history so CSi can consider your health needs. 

What immunizations do volunteers need? 

CSi requires proof of routine childhood immunizations, including shot records or blood tests, for tetanus/diphtheria, chickenpox, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. Depending on a volunteer's country of service, yellow fever vaccination may also be required. Vaccines necessary for a specific country of service will need to be administered before the trip. Many nations require a medical card to enter customs and immigration.