Thank you.

Every year there are numerous disaster situations and on-going humanitarian crises in our world. Thanks to you, CSi has been able to send hope and help to hundreds of our brothers and sisters who are living in desperate situations. The list of projects you have helped with are too many to list, but we want to commend you; these highlights show your compassion and love for the nations. We are changing the world together. It's #MyCSi

  • LIberia CLinic

    January 2020

    Csi was honored to sent $2000.00 to the national clinic of Liberia. This clinic has been successful in helping many people in the nation during the outbreak of Ebola. We are thankful to partner with them by supplying much needed medicine and equipment. 


    January 2020

    Puerto Rico had over 950 earthquakes and aftershocks to hit the island between December 28, 2019, and January 16, 2020. The areas that were damaged were Ponce, Lajas, and Sabana Grande. We were able to bring help structures, repair walls, and rebuild a beam damaged during the quakes. The amount of $2400.00 was able to accomplish these needs. 

  • Feeding the Homeless in Lebanon

    December 2019

    Dry Bulgar, Dry Lentils, Dry Rice, Dry Vermicelli,  Canned Precooked Beans, Canned Precooked Tuna, Canned Precooked Beef, Canned Precooked Chicken, Sun Flower Oil,  Dry Powdered Milk, Cheeses life (no refrigeration needed until opened), Canned Precooked Tomato Paste Sugar were all provided in boxes for those in need. Enough groceries to last a week for a family were brought to homes around Lebanon. Thank you CSi. 


    December 2019

    The people of Cameroon have been suffering in need of food, water, and basic supplies due to the civil war that has been ravishing their nation. CSi was able to send $5000.00 in aid which supplied much needed sustenance to families around the nation. Click here to see the "Thank You" video. 

  • Philippine Earthquake relief

    November 2019

    Earthquake ravaged the southern island of Mindanao Philippines, causing widespread damage and despair across the nation. CSi was able to send $5000.00 in support to those in need. Thank you for helping the people of the Philippines. 

  • Clean water for Nicaragua

    November 2019

    Compassion Services International was able to send $1,200.00 to help a location that needed a pump and a tank to hold water. Our representative at this location was only able to have water when the city turned on the water. With the new pump and tank, freshwater will be available to him, his family, and the church he pastors. Thank you for blessing those in need. 

  • Wellness Clinics- St. Kitts/Nevis  

    October 2019

    Wellness clinics were held in the island nations of St. Kitts and Nevis. One our representatives was at a critical state when tested and this clinic saved his life. 

    While the medical needs of many patients were met we were honored to also leave them with information about how to eat well, exercise, and decrease the need for future medical care. We have been invited back and look forward to helping again in the near future. 

  • Hurricane Dorian relief

    September 2019- October 2019

    The CSi Disaster Relief Team arrived into Freeport, Grand Bahama Island on Thursday, September 12th to assess the situation in the Bahamas. The need was overwhelming, but the people of the Bahamas will have Hope through your Help.


    Thank you for your prayers, donations, and for sharing the word about the people of the Bahamas. The team is back in Florida re-organizing and planning the best way to bring in immediate help to the people.


    Thank you to all who have donated, applied to be a medical responder, and have shared posts.


    October 8, 2019 update:

    We have now taken in 7 groups to The Bahamas with Disaster Relief Workers and Medical Teams. Your donations have allowed us to take in food, water, and Supplies to the Bahamian people! THANK YOU! 


    September 2019

    Our representative is delivering food, mosquito nets, and supplies to refugees that are in Western Africa. Over 300,000 displaced people are living in tarps, and out in the open air without shelter. They are hungry, alone, and in need immediate help. Thank YOU for bringing them a meal today. #CSihumanitarianaid #CSihopeandhelp

  • St. Louis, MO

    August 2019

    CSi made up over 900 Compassion Kits with hygiene products to give away at a National Youth Event in the United States, NAYC. We had an outreach booth recruiting nurses to come on our upcoming trips and targeted handing out the compassion kits to the homeless around the St. Louis Dome. It was a Huge Success.

  • Cyclone idai relief

    June 2019

    Due to your recent donations to the country of Malawi, Missionary Gibbs was able to provide 22,000 pounds of maize to feed over 1,000 Malawian people. CSi worked with the missionary to give hope and help to the nation. CSi sent water filters, mosquito nets, building materials, and food relief. CSi also sent $5,000 to Mozambique to help with church repairs and food relief. Twenty-three churches sustained damage, and 4,000 people needed food. 

  • Malawi flooding

    May 2019

    CSi was able to provide funding for food relief for 1,300 people in Malawi who were affected by Cyclone Idai over 1/2 of which were children. We were also able to send water filters to 100 families in Malawi. We want to thank Micki Mangun and Jennifer Williams from The Pentecostals of Alexandria, who took the filters with them when they traveled to the area for a conference. When we all work together doing our part, big acts of compassion can happen! 

    There is still a need in Malawi, so if you would like to help CSi supply more families with these water filters, you can donate today to our Clean Water Fund

  • Roof repair in liberia

    April 2019

    A violent storm damaged the roof of a kindergarten school at the mission in Bomi Hills, Liberia. Thanks to your support the school roof was repaired before the six-month rainy season began. During this season the area was expected to get over 200 inches of rain. If the roof was not repaired the school most likely would have been shutdown.

  • Venezuela humanitarian help

    April 2019

    These are the boxes of food and supplies shipped to Venezuela. CSi raised $3,600 for 60 box containers to bring food, supplies, and necessities, to the people of Caracas. Thanks for loving Venezuela! 

  • liberia medical clinic

    March 2019

    Your generous donations allowed CSi to send an offering to the medical clinic in Liberia. This clinic is a CSi supported project that provides medical care to hundreds of patients each week. The people treated at the clinic would not be able to receive adequate medical care otherwise.

  • Uganda famine

    In the Spring of 2018, many regions of Africa were experiencing drought. In Uganda, UPCI Representative Phil Tolstad reported that drought caused famine, exasperated by an influx of refugees from South Sudan, was creating a severe humanitarian crisis. He reported that two UPCI ministers wives had passed away as a result. Near that time, we also received a request to purchase grain for the Sahel region of Africa. While we raise funds for our End Hunger campaign throughout the year, these grave needs prompted us to create a drive called, “Feeding Our Family.” Your support helped to provide relief to each of these needs, distributed through the hands of UPCI representatives.

  • guatemalan volcano relief

    Following the volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, the world was quickly inundated with dramatic images of fire and destruction. Representative Brad Thompson reported that 10 people associated with the UPC of Guatemala were included among the dead. Following his appeal for relief aid, you quickly helped raise $8,000, which was distributed through our onsite representative. 

  • South asia medical health fairs

    During Summer 2018, a team of CSi volunteer medical personnel partnered with the NextSteps program in South Asia to conduct medical health fairs to hundreds of people at multiple locations. These efforts in combination with the NextSteps program not only met physical needs but opened the door to community outreach and evangelism.

  • floods in india

    India experienced devastating floods, damaging several UPCI churches, pastor’s homes, and congregation member’s homes. One local UPCI presbyter reported that all local (Kerala) dams were opened, there were numerous landslides, and more than 100 church families were affected. You and our supporters helped raise nearly $7,000, which was distributed through UPCI representatives to that area.

  • hurricanes harvey, irma, and maria

    Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas over the greater Houston area and the Corpus Christi area on August 25, 2017 with winds topping 130 miles per hour. The devastating winds and landmark flooding inland made this an unprecedented event for Texas. With your help CSi was able to collect needed emergency supplies that were delivered to some of the hardest hit areas. Our mobile response trailer was onsite in Port Arthur, Texas and served as a first aid clinic for volunteers working to clean up debris and for the local community. 

    While relief efforts were still underway in Texas, Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused widespread damage in Florida and the Caribbean. So many of you gave and because of your gifts relief supplies have been trucked, flown and shipped by boat to those in greatest need. Everything from bottled water, diapers, canned food, cleaning supplies, generators and so much more.

  • sierra leone mudslide relief

    Devastating mudslides in Sierra Leone claimed the lives of more than 400 people, 1/3 of which were children.The mudslides caused by heavy rains buried homes and other structures that were little more than wooden shacks with tin roofs. They were no match for the force of water, rocks and mud that came crashing down upon them. CSi had the opportunity to assist 200 families with emergency relief. Thank you to everyone who gave to help these families.


    CSi sent $11,625 to help with church and home repairs as well as hygiene and food supplies. Severe Tropical Cyclone Gita was the most intense tropical cyclone to impact Tonga since reliable records began. The second named storm and first major tropical cyclone of the 2017–18 South Pacific cyclone season, Gita originated from a monsoon trough that was active in the South Pacific in early February 2018.

  • caribbean hurricane relief

    While hurricane relief continued in the Caribbean we did have the opportunity in September to attend the UPCI General Conference in Kansas City. So many of you stopped by our booth areas to learn more about how to get involved and donated so that the relief efforts in the Caribbean could continue. Thank you!


    In 2018 we completed a project in Haiti that began in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew badly damaged 4 churches that have a reach of over 150,000 community members.  CSi sent a total of $52,500.00. Churches had extensive damage almost entirely rebuilt as a result of your giving! 


    Compassion Services International sent $3,600.00 to help 18 churches in South Sudan after the severe famine. A record number of people in South Sudan face a critical lack of food. A new report by the government and the United Nations says almost seven million people, or more than 60% of the population, are at risk.