From Him-To Them-Through Us

Compassion Services International exists to offer help and hope to people living in desperate situations around the world. CSI receives an overwhelming number of requests for help from around the world each year. We want to be the hands and feet of Christ while providing for the physical and spiritual needs of those who are suffering. CSI does this by offering Disaster Relief, Medical Missions, Humanitarian Aid and more around the world. These endeavors not only help to meet the immediate physical needs of those we serve but it also opens the door for the love of Jesus to be displayed and for the gospel to be shared. 

Help the Suffering

CSI believes in offering help and hope to those suffering in the aftermath of natural disaster and to those who suffer daily because they live in impoverished areas where drought, famine and inadequate medical care are ongoing needs. 

Urgent Needs

Currently, CSI has been working to help the people in South Sudan and Sri Lanka. 

In South Sudan the hunger crisis due to continued fighting that has caused families to have to flee their homes is still a major problem. The church we have been able to partner with is doing what it can with the funding you have provided. However, the number of people needing help has greatly multiplied and the cost of grain has went up considerably. Any amount you can give will help. 

CSI is currently working to asses how we can best help flood victims in Sri Lanka. The latest report from those on the ground is that CSI has the opportunity to help 34 families who have been affected by recent flooding. These families have suffered the loss of personal belongings as well as damage to their homes. There are also 4 churches that have suffered damage. This is a new project and we are still gathering additional information from those on the ground. At this point the dollar amount needed has not been estimated but we know that it will be thousands of dollars to do the repairs and to help replace belongings. CSI has sent $3,000.00 to start the initial relief for these families. But we know that much more will be needed. At this point we are asking for your help to raise $5,000.00.

Compassion Your Way

Compassion Services International wants to give each supporter the opportunity to create their own unique compassion experience. Some are called to give. Some are called to go. Some are called to pray. Some are called to help raise awareness about who we are and what we do. Whatever compassion calling you have we hope that you will find that Compassion Services International offers you the ability to fulfill that calling. 

So choose one way or choose them all but just know that this is-Compassion Your Way. 


You may have noticed that things look different and that our donation page has been updated. Our website has gone through some changes and we are preparing to launch a brand new site later this year. Also, our donation page has been updated and you will now just click one Donation button or link to give to any fund. There is a drop down menu where you can designate where you want your donation to go. You can also set up recurring donations quickly and easily. Visit our Donate page to learn more.