Three decades of showing compassion to the world.

CSi was created 30 years ago and was a passion of Rev. Harry E. Scism

Meet Harry Scism

Ellis and Marjorie Scism had a passion for the nation of India. The couple decided to leave North America along with their 14 year old son Harry and set sail for the unknown land. The sea voyage of two months took them to many ports in six nations and finally to Madras, India by the end of March. Harry arrived in India at fifteen years of age to begin a new and very different life.

Harry attended a boarding school in Kodaikanal, South India. Ellis and Marjorie Scism spent time in this hilly area of India when it was possible. They enjoyed seing their children and escaping the heat of the plains. During his four years in Kodaikanal school, Harry hiked with a group of boys to Berijam Lake to canoe. When the dugout canoe filled with boys overturned, Harry, not knowing how to swim almost drowned. Thankful Harry was pulled out by a classmate and revived.

He later traveled the world and would become the General Director of the Foreign Missions Division. He had a passion for bringing Hope and Help to the nations. Harry Scism formed CSi after seeing the physical needs of the people he served. We are so thankful for the 30 years of helping those in need & the areas of impact for the years to come. You can partner with CSi and be a monthly giver. Your giving no matter the amount will help change lives. 

Want to know more?

India to the World: The Missionary Pilgrimage of Harry E. Scism by William Turner can be ordered at the Voice and Vision website.

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