Current And Ongoing Projects


Recent flooding in Nepal has killed more than 120 people, destroyed 7000 homes and displaced more than 18,000.00. With your help we hope to raise $4000 in the next 4 days to help 8 different communities! Learn more HERE.


Devastating mudslides in Sierra Leone have claimed hundreds of lives and hundreds more are still missing with the chances of finding survivors diminishing each day. With continued rains there is the threat of additional mudslides. Survivors are numb with grief walking around in despair. We have been in touch with those on the ground and we have the opportunity to assist 200 families with immediate emergency relief. A donation of just $25 will help one family. How many families can you help? Can your church or business help any? We are hoping to respond quickly to this need and time is of the essence!


We wanted to thank you for your prayers and support for the people of South Sudan. We have received an update that the most recent grain distribution that you helped fund was able to help 850 people. However, due to continued unrest and fighting in the area the number of people needing assistance has grown to more than 5000. The cost of grain has almost doubled to $100 per 50 kg. The people are also in need of basic medical supplies so your donation can also help with people getting the medical care that they need. CSI is committed to continuing the work in South Sudan. Can we count on you? You can donate a bag of grain for $100 or 1/2 a bag for $50 or for a $25 you can provide a 1/4 bag of grain. Any amount that you feel led to give will help those in need.


Funding has been sent to rebuild the church in Kenscoff that was destroyed when Hurricane Matthew ripped through the region. Just this week funding was also sent for the repairs to the church in Miragoane. There are still two other churches that are in need of repairs in Jeremie and Cayes. These towns are home to more than 150,000 people. Missionaries Ron and Terry Brian are ready to work. They have local volunteers and can purchase supplies locally. This is important because it helps to bolster the local economy and instills ownership among the people. Your donation will help to make sure that all 4 churches get the repairs that they need. 


Work on the roof at the medical clinic in Liberia has begun. From July-October the area is expected to get 200 inches of rain. The clinic had been experiencing roof leaks in several area. They had been patching the roof with roofing cement but it was still leaking. The main concern was that if the Ministry of Health came to do an unannounced inspection while it was raining and the rood had not been repaired then the clinic could be shut down. Patients are also having to be shifted around from room to room due to leaks. Hundreds of people rely on the services that the clinic provides each week. If you would like to help us offset the cost of the repairs please consider making a donation to the Liberia Relief Fund. We didn't quite meet our goal of $3,000.00 but due to the critical nature of the need the funding has been sent. 

Ongoing Projects

Did you know that while CSI responds to urgent needs around the world we also have ongoing projects that you can support at anytime? Our End Hunger Fund allows us to have emergency food relief available for areas that are plagued with ongoing famine. We also provide Medical Missions in areas of the world where adequate medical care is hard to get. Our Religious Persecution/Refugee Fund allows us to respond quickly to emergency situations around the world. Our Education Fund is a new endeavor that will help school aged children around the world. Having funds available allows us to respond sooner rather than later to those who contact us for help.