Current And Ongoing Projects

India Flood Relief

This year India has seen an unprecedented amount of rainfall during their monsoon season. Hundreds of deaths throughout the state of Kerala were reported, and more than 222,00 people were forced to seek shelter in relief camps. Seven UPCI churches suffered damage and more than 100 families within these churches have been affected with some losing their homes and belongings. Almost every building in the region were submerged and even military personnel had a difficult time getting to those who needed help. CSI is still actively working with our contacts on the ground as this need is still ongoing. The aftermath of disaster such as this can take months and even years to recover from and that is why CSI is still raising funds to help the people of India as they continue to rebuild and put their lives back together. 

Feeding Our Family

Hunger is an ongoing need for millions of people around the world. When people have to battle famine it weakens them physically and they become susceptible to many diseases. CSI is committed to helping missionaries around the world get lifesaving nutrition to those suffering. 

Ongoing Projects

Did you know that while CSI responds to urgent needs around the world we also have ongoing projects that you can support at anytime? Our End Hunger Fund allows us to have emergency food relief available for areas that are plagued with ongoing famine. We also provide Medical Missions in areas of the world where adequate medical care is hard to get. Our Religious Persecution/Refugee Fund allows us to respond quickly to emergency situations around the world. Our Education Fund is a new endeavor that will help school aged children around the world. Having funds available allows us to respond sooner rather than later to those who contact us for help.